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apple watch with lutron caseta


Apple Officially unveiled the watch, together with iphone 6 and 6 plus on Sept 09, 2014.  The Apple watch (not iwatch) was of the most anticipated products or recent years.

So what can it do?

The Apple Watch is  a music player, a fitness tracker with heart-rate monitor, a device that will send and receive messages, calls and audio recordings. It can makes payment via Apple pay.  It can also work as your remote control for your apple tv.

Its a handheld portal to apps like Lutron Casèta App.



How would you like to never worry about turning off your light at home?  Keep yourself reminded with the Lutron Casèta App through Apple Watch.

What is Casèta?

Casèta is a new entry level innovation from Lutron that allows your customer to control lights, shading, and temperature from anywhere in the world. Truly making their home a connected one.

With Apple Watch now you can control your lights, shading and temperature from your wrists.