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Commercial Applications

As awareness shifts towards the increasing benefits of energy efficiency, many businesses and institutions are exploring new methods of conservation. Lutron’s intelligent and highly flexible light control systems are easily integrated and capable of generating substantial savings while contributing towards productivity and the overall aesthetic of your building.

From amusement parks to libraries, from convention centers to world-class museums, from hospitals and hotels to retail stores and restaurants, Lutron is capable of tailoring a unique solution to meet the particular needs of your business or institution.

Small & Open Offices
— Corporate —

Small & Open Offices – Small businesses and open offices often present a unique set of lighting challenges, flexibility requirements and the need to keep operating costs low. Lutron can tailor a solution to the particular needs of your space and contribute to a more pleasant work environment.

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms – Conference room lighting needs to be flexible to accommodate activities ranging from audio/visual presentations and videoconferencing to brainstorming sessions. Lutron’s light management solutions can control all aspects of a conference room’s light, from daylight to electric light, with presets that users can access by pressing a single button.

Restrooms, Stairwells and Corridors
Restrooms, Stairwells and Corridors – Restrooms, stairwells and corridors are sometimes left unoccupied for hours at a time, but need to be well-lit when someone enters the space. Lutron has cost-effective light control solutions that enable code compliance and meet energy-saving goals for any building.

Convention Centers
— Cultural & Event Center —

Convention Centers – Convention centers need to be able to cater to an ever changing roster of events. Lutron systems allow convention centers to meet these challenges with speed and convenience.


Libraries – With multiple sections requiring different lighting levels and a frequent need to accommodate existing skylights, Lutron light control systems provide the control and automation to illuminate specific areas in a library while substantially reducing energy levels, operating costs, and creating a more welcoming environment.


Museums – Proper lighting levels are essential not only for the appreciation of art, but also its preservation, as priceless works of art need to be protected from harmful ultraviolet rays. Lutron systems provide museums with an elegant and automated solution that enhances the overall impact of the art and the museum.

College Lecture Halls
— Education —

College Lecture Halls – On today’s college campuses, video and computer displays are a common part of classroom learning. As the technology of education evolves, new light control solutions are required to accommodate them. Lutron offers systems that let an instructor transition between a lecture and a video presentation with the touch of a single button.


Libraries – With multiple sections requiring different lighting levels and a frequent need to accommodate existing skylights, Lutron light control systems provide the control and automation to illuminate specific areas in a library while substantially reducing energy levels, operating costs, and creating a more welcoming environment.


Gymnasiums – Gymnasiums take up a large footprint on a campus or district. They typically serve as multi-purpose spaces to accommodate a variety of uses such as sporting events, exercise classes, intramural sports, commencement ceremonies, concerts, and other special events. Lutron lighting control plays a critical role in enabling flexibility of the space and ensuring maximum asset utilization.

Patient Rooms
— Healthcare —

Patient Rooms – Lutron can help patients with the healing process by giving them personal control of electric lights and daylight. Access to personal control of electric light and daylight reduces a patient’s stress and anxiety, and can positively affect the patient’s health and well-being.

Nurseries & NICUs

Nurseries & NICUs – Nurseries and neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) demand highly regulated and versatile lighting that helps infants adjust to their new surroundings. Lutron solutions can meet the varied needs of these spaces while providing nurses and doctors the best light for the task at hand.

Surgical Suites & Special Treatment Areas

Surgical Suites & Special Treatment Areas – The lighting requirements in surgical suites vary with the procedure, so the lighting should be adjustable to accommodate the changing needs of the space. In these types of environments, convenient controls and adjustable light levels are essential—and Lutron offers solutions to meet all of these needs.

— Hospitality —

Guestrooms – After a busy day, travelers want to unwind in a comfortable room. And what better way to relax than walking into a welcoming space where lights automatically turn on to a predetermined level. Lutron light control solutions also ensure guests can easily adjust lights, shades, and temperature at the touch of a button.

Lobbies/Reception Areas

Lobbies/Reception Areas – First impressions are lasting impressions. Adding Lutron light and shade control to public spaces helps accentuate architectural details, highlight artwork, block the sun’s glare, and create a welcoming ambiance.


Ballrooms – Light and shade control increases the flexibility of a ballroom, providing the appropriate lighting for daytime conferences as well as evening receptions. No matter what the event, Lutron light solutions create just the right atmosphere—efficiently and reliably.

— Retail and Restaurants —

Retail – Retail stores often have very complicated lighting demands. To devise a light management system that can accommodate all the possible scenarios is a complex challenge for the engineers and the employees that have to operate it. This is where simple yet powerful solutions from Lutron can make an enormous difference.


Restaurants – Whether your establishment’s environment is friendly or intimate, a tailored light control system can directly impact the bottom line in the fiercely competitive restaurant world. Lutron light control solutions deliver precision on all fronts, allowing a restaurant to skillfully execute the combination of food, service, décor, and atmosphere that delivers an unforgettable dining experience.

Commercial Product line:

  • Grafik Eye 4000 – allows you to save settings and alternate between them
  • LCP 128 – lighting management system that is easy to use
  • XPS – Offers scheduled lighting control, manual control, and occupancy control
  • Energi Savr Node with SoftSwitch – switches third part ballasts and other loads, integrates with sensors
  • EcoSystem – energy saving system that is flexible and reduces maintenance cost
  • Grafik Eye 7000 – controls dimming, switching, and shade controls on one system and allows 16,384 zones on a single processor. Best for large scale projects
  • Quantum – Lighting management that maximizes efficiency and simplifies operations