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Lutron Battery Shades

Serena honeycomb and roller remote-controlled shades offer the beauty, luxury, and quality of a Lutron motorized shade at a price comparable to that of other brands’ manual shades. Sivoia QS Triathlon is the most fashionable, flexible, and affordable motorized shading system.

These battery-powered solutions offer a 3-5 year battery life for easy installation and maintenance, perfect for retrofit applications. Available in new roller shade or insulating honeycomb styles, these shades have a wide variety of beautiful fabric colors and textures to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of any space.

energy saving benefits

Serena Shades

Block Strong Rays — Eliminate glare and create the ultimate viewing experience in your media room with Serena shades. When you’re ready to watch a movie simply close the shades using the remote from the comfort of your couch.

create an elegant ambiance

Control Within Reach — Adjust second-story shades safely and effortlessly. Thanks to battery power, the touch of a button will let you operate your shades from anywhere in the room.

Convenient control

Convenient Control — Control your shades in conjunction with your lights, and transform your space for any activity. Sivoia QS Triathlon shades are the only battery-powered shades available today that integrate seamlessly with a whole-home control system such as RadioRA® 2 or HomeWorks® QS.

RadioRa 2 home control

Sivoia QS Triathlon

In The Sunroom — Prevent the midday sun from turning your sunroom into a sauna by pressing a button to lower all of your shades, so you can stay cool and comfortable.

 temperature control

In The Nursery — Use a remote control to silently lower blackout shades in the nursery, so you can block the sunlight without waking your sleeping baby.

customize and grow your system

In The Foyer — Large windows, such as those in the foyer, often don’t provide much privacy. With Sivoia QS Wireless, out-of-reach windows can be easily covered with battery-powered shades that close with a single button-press, enhancing privacy and leaving you with peace of mind.

customize and grow your system

Ultra-quiet Operation — Serena & Sivoia QS Insulating Honeycomb & Roller Shades maintains the ultra-quiet performance and precision shade alignment that is the hallmark of advanced shading solutions by Lutron.