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Lutron Ivalo Lighting

Providing functional, aesthetic solutions for every kind of space, Ivalo Lighting designs and manufactures decorative and architectural fixtures for indoor and outdoor applications. Products include LED and fluorescent pendants, interior sconces, exterior sconces, LED linear and recessed lighting.

In addition, Ivalo’s new LEDs products provide the capability to use warmer and various colors of light at a fraction of the wattage of traditional light sources. More than simply lighting for a space, Ivalo fixtures are architectural elements comprised of technology, quality, and high design.

Product Families Include:

L'ale Interior Sconce

L’ale Interior Sconce — A 27″ high interior sconce, ranging from 8″ to 4.25″. Direct/indirect light only. For use on walls, flanking doors, and between windows and elevators.

L’ale Pendant

L’ale Pendant — 4’8″ long, direct/indirect light, suspended by Ivalo’s i-wire power cable. Designed for use singly or in multiples at the same or varying heights in ballrooms, lobbies, atriums, private offices, and over conference room tables and reception desks.

Aliante Demi Sconces

Aliante Demi Sconces — 21″ long, available direct/indirect and indirect light only; and 27″ long, indirect only. For use on any wall, flanking doors and elevators, between windows, and on columns. Available in 8 different finishes.

Daedalus Pendant

Daedalus Pendant — The fixture is organized around two delicate curving lines described by the ribs of the central helix. The feathery quality of the glass blades inspired the name: Daedalus.

Finiré® Recessed LED Fixture

Finiré® Recessed LED Fixture — Finiré eliminates guesswork by ensuring 100% compatibility between LED fixtures, drivers, and controls. Available in 15 W, 22 W, and 34 W models — all delivering smooth, flicker-free dimming. This complete solution combines an architectural grade fixture with a high performance Hi-lume® A Series LED driver designed to work with Lutron dimmers/controls.

Product Literature – Find all the Ivalo products on the Ivalo Collection and the Ivalo Finiré Brochures. They are the perfect introduction to the Ivalo Lighting fixtures, showcasing the impressive forms and space enhancing applications they are used in.