Honeycomb Collection

The QMotion Honeycomb collection provides a very elegant quiet solution to motorized shading.

Unlike other motorized solutions, there are no exposed wires and battery wands. To access batteries, simply removed the snap on inside cover to replace the D-cell alkaline batteries located inside our headrail. Because all of our honeycomb shades are spring counterbalanced, the motors can move very easily and quietly. With this design, QMotion’s cellular shades achieve a two to three times longer battery life than other automated honeycomb shades.

Automated honeycomb shades can be operated by remote control, smart phone or tablet or with QMotion’s patented manual override feature.

Automated Honeycombs
— Automated Honeycombs —

Qadvanced Honeycomb — Qadvanced Automated Honeycomb shades are elegant, color coordinated, available in a wide range of colors, and fully compatible with the controls for Qadvanced Roller Shades.

Manual Honeycombs
— Manual Honeycombs —

Qfree Honeycomb — Qfree features clutch free manual shades that compliment QMotion exclusive fabric designs. Each Qfree shade is designed with the same quality engineering that you’d expect to find in all QMotion Advanced Shading Systems products.

Sheer Fabric
— Honeycomb Fabrics —

Sheer — Enjoy light management and color with our most “see-thru” fabrics. Sheer honeycomb fabrics offer limited privacy, but decorate and allow natural lighting to assist in an energy efficient design. These sheer shades add elegance to any view.

Transparent Fabric

Transparent — Add privacy, insulation, and color to your window with Semi-transparent honeycomb fabrics. These fabrics, which include printed styles as well as attractive solid colors, allow some light to pass through, but offer increased privacy.

Room Darkening Fabric

Room Darkening — Honeycomb room darkening fabrics will block all the light at the shade. Some light may pass around the sides of the shades, but these materials offer the greatest light blocking capabilities available in window fashions.