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Qmotion Product Controls

QMotion’s Qadvanced Automated Shades may be operated with a wide variety of controls, relays, and timers. However, QMotion also offers the flexibility of manual operation. A short tug to the bottom bar of the shade activates the motor, causing the shade to glide to a fully open or preprogrammed intermediate position. Want more privacy? Simply pull the shade downward to your desired position.

Remote Control

Remote Control & Hembar Activator — QMotion’s Shades may be operated with a user-friendly, wireless remote control, which may be stored conveniently in a wall plate. However, a short tug to the bottom bar of the shade activates the motor, causing the shade to glide to a fully open or pre-programmed intermediate position.


Multichannel — Enjoy simple solo control of all your shades in the palm of your hand. That’s what the QMotion Multichannel Remote provides. Seven channels give you control over six individual shades, six groups of shades, or all of them together, with one remote control.


Qconnect — Thanks to an intelligent interface that can communicate with most building and home control systems, QMotion Qconnect allows you to sync your shades with your home automation systems.


Qsync — Our smartphones and tablets are increasingly important in our daily lives. QMotion shades are as convenient to control as your phones. With the addition of Qsync technology, QMotion shades move up and down easier than sending a text message. Qsync works with the QMotion app available in your app store today. It transforms a smartphone or tablet into the most elegant and functional transmitter for QMotion products.


Qrelay — With Qrelay, you can be assured that your control is complete, even in areas or sites where reception may not be the best. Just add Qrelay to ensure that a signal reaches your QMotion shades, wherever they are located.

Timer Remote

Timer Remote — With a QMotion Timer Remote, shades have never been so simple, or so smart. Thanks to easy programming, just enter your zip code to automatically load sunrise and sunset times. Or if you have specific needs, you can choose a more detailed schedule to perfectly match your lifestyle. After all, the single-channel, five button QMotion Timer Remote offers something for everyone.

5 Button Single Channel Remote

5 Button Single Channel Remote — Simple single group transmitter with LED feedback and magnetic back for wall storage. This basic transmitter is built to make QMotion use simple, and offers three intermediate positions in addition to Up and Down.