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Roller Shade Collection

Have you been looking for a solution that isn’t available yet? Introducing the World’s Narrowest Battery Operated Shades. The smallest roller shade of its kind has arrived.

QMotion’s automated roller shades offer state-of-the-art natural light control with a unique selection of elegant fabrics. Our Qadvanced roller shade provides unmatched quietness is virtually soundless when in operation. QMotion’s unparalleled simplicity incorporates low voltage power, or standard D-cell batteries. Batteries are easy to replace, during those rare times they need it. The Qadvanced Roller Shade Collection is developed with award winning technology that extends battery life – up to 5 years or more.

Automated Roller Shades
— Automated Roller Shades —

Qadvanced Roller — Introducing the World’s Narrowest Battery Operated Shades. The smallest roller shade of its kind has arrived.

The new design of Qadvanced QMotion Adavanced Shading Systems delivers a more simple and sophisticated automated shade that offers both ease of use and dependability. Choose from shades in a wide range of colors and styles, with a bevy of options. All automated roller shades can be controlled via remote, smart phone or tablet, or with our exclusive manual override feature.

Manual Roller Shades
— Manual Roller Shades —

Qfree Manual Roller — Qfree features clutch free manual shades that compliment QMotion exclusive fabric designs. Each Qfree shade is designed with the same quality engineering that you’d expect to find in all QMotion Advanced Shading Systems products.

Manual Roller Shades

Qbasic Manual Roller — Qbasic sets a new standard for manual shades, and is anything but your basic clutch type manual shade. Qbasic shades offer a quality that can be seen and felt at a desirably affordable price point.

E Screen
— Roller Shade Fabrics —

E Screen Fabric — Qmotions’s E Screen quality fabrics are available with 1%, 3%, 5% and 10% transparency.

E-Screen with KOOLBLACK

E-Screen with KOOLBLACK™ — The KOOLBLACK™ family fabrics are available with either 3% and/or 5% transparency.

M Screen

M Screen Fabric — Qmotion’s M Screen fabric is available with 5% transparency/openness factor only.            


SheerWeave Fabrics — Our SheerWeave fabrics are available in nine fabulous different styles with 1%, 3% and 5% transparency.


Infiniti Fabrics — Our Infinity fabrics are available with 3% and 5% transparency/openness factor.            


Decorative Fabrics — Qmotion’s decorative fabrics include; Vizela, Linen, Chantilly, Eternity, Metallic, Tones, Fiji, Bali, Cirrus Nature, Columns, Oasis, and Island fabrics.


Blackout Fabrics — Qmotion’s blackout fabrics include; Matte, Avila Twilight, Flocké, and Edessa Twilight fabrics.